Toyota (NYSE: TM) Recalls Hybrid Vehicles Worldwide

Recall, Toyota, PriusToyota Motors (NYSE: TM) announced today that the company would be recalling nearly 1.9 vehicles worldwide due to a possible faulty software system in their gas-electric hybrid vehicles.

The models that are affected are mainly Prius and certain RAV4, Tacoma and some Lexus vehicles. The numbers of vehicles affected worldwide are 713,000 in North America, 997,000 in Japan and 130,000 all of which are being recalled. The company has increased the standardized parts across all vehicles worldwide, so when problems are found in a few vehicles, it is likely the others are affected as well.

The glitch in the software system may cause some vehicles to suddenly shutdown, however the brakes are still fully functional. The company would issue a recall to update the software which may cause higher thermal stress in some transistors. For vehicles affected, a warning light on the dashboard might indicate your vehicles are one of the many that have the issue. The update will also fix electronic circuits that could shut off functions for vehicle stability control (VSC), anti-lock brake and traction control.

The last major recall the company had issued was nearly 5 years ago from 2009 to 2010 when certain vehicles had unintentional acceleration. Toyota was fined billions of dollars to settle a lawsuit by the United States. Since the incident, the company has been proactively recalling vehicles, totaling 5 million vehicles worldwide in the last two years.

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