The Latest “Buzz on the Street” Show: Featuring Nerds on Site (CSE: NERD) (OTCQB: NOSUF) News Recap’s latest Buzz on the Street Show: Featuring Our Corporate News Recap on “Cannabis “IT” In A Box Trademark Filed as Nerds Expands in Arizona” and “Nerds on Site Lands First USA Cannabis “IT” in a Box Customer”

Nerds on Site Inc. (CSE: NERD) (OTCQB: NOSUF), a mobile IT solutions company servicing the SME marketplace, announces that it has filed its trademark application for its proprietary Cannabis IT in-a-Box solution, and that its Arizona expansion has kicked off with the launch of the first six NERDS ON SITE franchises.

Having introduced Cannabis IT in a Box, the “Go To” solution, delivered, installed and serviced for SME businesses in the cannabis in March, the company announced its first customer in the US at the Orchard Heights facility in Wenatchee, Washington.

Nerds on Site, a company founded in 1995, specializes in providing cost-effective, leading-edge solutions to Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME), serving as the complete SME IT solution specialists. Nerds on Site was established in London, Ontario with current annual revenues of approximately $10,000,000. The company services over 12,000 clients per year with a superb 96.5% customer satisfaction rating.

Over the past few decades, technology has been integrated into nearly every marketplace in the world. Businesses and consumers can now leverage technology to provide a more convenient and efficient experience. For instance, retailers are using technology to process payments quicker while financial institutions are using technology to keep track of transactions and monetary flow. The advancement of these various technologies has led to state-of-the-art inventions such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and blockchain. In particular, technology has been recently tapping into the cannabis sector. The cannabis market is one of the fastest emerging global industries, despite regulatory conflicts. According to data compiled by MarketsandMarkets research, the global cannabis market was valued at USD 10.3 Billion in 2018 and is expected to reach USD 39.4 Billion by 2023. Additionally, the research projects that the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 30.7% throughout the forecast period. Recently, cannabis companies have also begun to turn to advanced technology. Some companies are developing informative applications to accelerate business growth, while others strive to offer new experiences and educate consumers. Insofar, the cannabis industry is seeing new developments such as light systems, virtual and augmented reality, seed-to-sale blockchain networks and digital payment solutions. 

Historically, many sectors avoided the cannabis marketspace because of legal matters. Now, the industry is seeing large investments from various public and private sectors as regulations are eased. Prior to the expansion of technology in the cannabis industry, businesses had to input data and manually keep track of customers and business operations each day. Now, Point-of-Sale systems and Soft-as-a-Service platforms are helping businesses automatically complete these tasks. With the use of technology, growers and businesses can utilize applications such as supply chain management or e-commerce management. Nevertheless, cultivators, distributors, retailers, and dispensaries are all running out of cannabis, causing a major shortage in throughout legal markets. “There are various solutions being crafted for the cannabis industry,” said Jeffrey Zucker, Co-Founder and President of Green Lion Partners. “While many of these focus, especially at the point of sale, on easing the lack of banking availability for the space, compliance is where this tech is best suited. With an industry moving from unregulated to regulated, it is incredibly important for licensees to follow all applicable laws in order to maintain their business and to ensure that the industry is established in a professional manner. We will continue to see this technology woven into the cannabis industry in the coming years.”

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  1. Lowveens Jacques 3 years ago

    the U.S. has the most room to grow as the entire cannabis market is going state by state. When Full Federal Legalization is enacted, the market will change entirely. Venturing into Cannabis IT is imperative for Nerds on Site

  2. Mark Chaudhry 3 years ago

    Do you need to be certified to provide Cannabis “IT” solutions?

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