The Latest “Beehind the Buzz” Show: Featuring Verano Holdings LLC CEO George Archos’s latest Beehind the Buzz: Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Verano Holdings LLC, George Archos

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VERANO HOLDINGS aspires to be the most influential cannabis brand, and to command brand loyalty of the discerning cannabis consumer. Inspiring our customers drives our mission to capture people’s imaginations, satisfy deep and important life needs, and offer unparalleled innovative products underpinning our economic success and cultural influence in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

George Archos is a logistics and operations guru. Building on his extensive experience in coordinating complex freight delivery operations, as well as designing and operating highly-successful restaurants, George entered the cannabis industry in 2014 when he founded Ataraxia Grow and Labs in Illinois and was the first to receive authorization to grow medical cannabis out of 21 recipients of the coveted medical licenses.

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  1. Lawrence Hamtil 4 years ago

    Verano pre-rolls are my favorite, definitely a brand i can trust for consistent flavor

    • Zack Clayton 4 years ago

      how do they fare versus tsunami as they are my favorite brand for concentrated cannabis products

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