The Latest “Beehind the Buzz” Show: Featuring urban-gro Inc. CEO, Bradley Nattrass’s latest Beehind the Buzz Show: Featuring Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of urban-gro Inc., Bradley Nattrass

urban-gro is a systems integrator that helps cultivators achieve sustainable scalability via innovative solutions that drive down costs, increase economic yield and reduce environmental impact. The company’s ag tech division, Soleil Technologies, delivers data-driven micro climate intelligence using high-density sense and control technology to improve crop quality, consistency, and operational efficiencies.

Brad Nattrass serves as the Chief Executive Officer of urban-gro, a leading cultivation technologies company delivering best-in-class systems, solutions, and services to large-scale Cannabis cultivators throughout North America and around the world. As CEO, Brad is responsible for urban-gro’s corporate strategy, as well as business development, investor relations, and overall profitability and growth.

For more information, please visit: urban-gro, Inc.

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  1. Kaelynn Morris 4 years ago

    urban-gro can help entrepreneurs with new cannabis ventures as the company helps with logistics. Perfect for newcomers that want to grow in the industry

    • Glenn Herbert 4 years ago

      everything is laid out except obtaining a cannabis license to sell and distribute. Not to mention transportation across state lines

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