The Latest “Beehind the Buzz” Show: Featuring Sol Global Investments Corp. CEO Interview with Brady Cobb’s latest Beehind the Buzz Show: Featuring  Sol Global Investments Corp., Chief Executive Officer & Director, Brady Cobb

SOL Global Investments Corp. (OTCQB: SOLCF) (CSE: SOL) is an international cannabis company with a focus on legal U.S. states. Its strategic investments and partnerships across cultivation, distribution and retail complement the company’s R&D program with the University of Miami. It is this comprehensive approach that is positioning SOL as a future frontrunner in the United States’ medical cannabis industry.

Brady Cobb is an attorney, registered lobbyist, and consultant based in South Florida. Brady has emerged as a leading voice in the budding medical cannabis industry in the United States and has been instrumental to the marketplaces transition from legal and regulatory uncertainty to sensible and long overdue federal legislative policy reforms. These will provide stability and long overdue institutional growth opportunities to the medical cannabis space.

For more information, please visit: SOL Global Investments Corp.

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  1. Michel Charbenneau 3 years ago

    further advancements in medical cannabis would prove fruitful to those with illness’. Cancer care is among the most known uses for medical cannabis

    • Taylor Carver 3 years ago

      #MedicalCannabis has helped people cope with pain, including children with Dravet’s syndrome that suffer from epileptic seizures.

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