Steps to Take after a Personal Injury Accident

Have you recently suffered an injury that has changed your entire lifestyle? If the injury was caused by someone else’s negligence, there are things you can do to help protect yourself. You shouldn’t have to be worrying about finances or paying for medical care. While pushing forward with life is a must, there are some steps you can take and resources available to you that may be able to help you cope with daily life a little easier.

Contacting a Lawyer Right Away

Something you should consider doing as soon as you realize you’ve been hurt or injured is to record and track as much information as possible. This may be difficult especially if your injuries have been severe. Having someone else record your account of how the accident happened or writing down information regarding your mental and physical status is vital. Because as more time goes on, the easier it is for you to lose details about the actual incident that occurred. From there, it’s important that you get in touch with a reputable personal injury lawyer right away. A good attorney will be able to take note of your situation and do a complete evaluation of a potential case. A professional like Steven Schwartzapfel, a lawyer in New York will be able to tell you if there is a possibility for filing a civil or criminal case and what the monetary award or possible outcome may be. Getting legal advice at this point in your injury is helpful and will give you the peace of mind you need.

Speaking with Your Employer

If you have a job and depend on it to support yourself or your family, it’s important to contact your employer right away after your accident or injury. Hopefully, they will be understanding and take the necessary steps to help you keep your job while you’re recovering. It’s also imperative to contact them, especially the HR or human resources department, to make sure you are utilizing all of your insurance benefits. You may have underlying insurance benefits such as gap or supplemental insurance that you didn’t know or forgot you had. In some cases, some insurance companies offer added benefits when you’ve been injured or hurt. They may offer gas reimbursement or have transportation benefits if you’re unable to drive to and from doctor appointments. Your employer will also work with your workers' compensation lawyer if you happened to be injured on the job. They can also provide the necessary documentation to the unemployment agency should you qualify for any type of unemployment funds.

Warding off Debt Collectors

Being in the hospital, rehab center, or at home and unable to work or make money can be devastating to your personal finances. One of the first phone calls you may get if you’re not paying your bills is from your creditors. You should contact your mortgage company first and let them know your situation. From there, they may offer either a moratorium or a deferment so that you can avoid going into default or foreclosure with your home loan. Any vehicles that you have also need to be protected. Your auto finance company may not be as willing to work with you as your mortgage company, but you might be able to skip a payment or two or re-write your loan terms so that you don’t face repossession. Call your utility companies and credit card companies and explain to them your situation. You should be able to make payment arrangements and defer payments while you’re waiting for your lawsuit or unemployment benefits to kick in.

Getting the Right Medical Help

No one should have to worry about paying expensive medical bills while they’re a patient in the hospital, especially if you were injured at work or by the negligence of another. If you’re facing problems with paying for your medical care or getting a much-needed surgery because you can’t pay, first contact your lawyer’s team and let them know your dilemma. From there, contact the hospital's social services department. They have several financial resources that can help cover medical expenses and get you to physical therapy appointments if needed.

Being hurt can be very debilitating and frustrating. Aside from taking care of yourself, a good lawyer will be able to sift through complex issues and fight for your case to win.

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