Potential Growth in the Cannabis Industry Provide Investment Opportunity

CLS Holdings USA, Inc. (OTCQB: CLSH) (CSE: CLSH), a multi-million cannabis producer and retailer anticipates growth as it enters the fiscal 2019 year. The company hugely expanded its balance sheet in 2018, and there’s every reason to expect today that it will continue to grow. CLSH plans to operate in cannabis markets outside of Nevada, such as Massachusetts, California, and the other (primarily west-coast) states that have legalized medical and recreational marijuana consumption.

In CLSH’s Prospectus for 2019, its chairman and CEO Jeffrey Binder first summarized the progress of 2018, which included the acquisition of Alternative Solutions and its dispensary outlet, Oasis Cannabis. Located conveniently next to the Las Vegas Strip, Oasis cannabis represented a fundamental breakthrough for CLSH to reach customers. Further, CLSH filed for a patent on their proprietary refining process, which enabled CLSH to create extremely high-THC and CBD products, including oils, waxes, edibles and shatters (a refined product that resembles glass or thick honey).

Binder also of course laid out plans for 2019 in the prospectus, including making an offering on the Canadian Securities Exchange; investing in two companies in Massachusetts, InGood Health and CannAssist, a dispensary and grower respectively; and defining a timeline to become a multi-state-operator. Binder’s philosophy for the company includes vertical integration, or as he calls it, ‘seed to sale.’ Hence the acquisition of both a dispensary and a grower, which will produce thousands of pounds of marijuana once operational.

One codicil in the 2019 report, however, reminded investors of the unpredictability and volatility of the cannabis market. Despite a tidal wave of states legalizing medical and recreational use, and a growing cultural consensus on the de-criminalization and banality of weed, the 1970 Controlled Substances Act still applies at the federal level. It’s not inconceivable that changing political winds could endanger the industry, and as such, investors are taking their lives in their own hands. In exchange, they get to be on the cutting edge, the avant garde, the first-movers, in a market growing by the billions.

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  1. Gurjant Singh 4 years ago

    the future will lead to Uber eats of cannabis. Delivery systems that bring it directly to your home

  2. Allison Gottlieb 4 years ago

    Out of all the different jobs I’ve worked, the cannabis industry is the most rewarding. I can personally relate to a lot of patients and I’m just happy to see ppl have access to products that are good for them and help more than prescription drugs.

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