EU to Send €90 Million to Yemen

The violence that rages across the war-torn country of Yemen has been endangering citizens ever since the beginning of the Yemeni Civil War back in 2015. The conflict has required humanitarian aid due to the fact that it has left many of the Yemeni people caught in the crossfire without shelter, food and, water.

On Tuesday, the European Commission designated EUR 90 Million to be sent in humanitarian aid to the civilians of Yemen. This new round of funding brings the total aid sent to Yemen up to EUR 118 Million in 2018 alone. According to the council, 22.2 million Yemenis need humanitarian aid. The conflict has left 18 million Yemenis dependent on foreign food assistance, of that group who don’t have enough to eat, 8.4 million are experiencing famine.

“We are in a race against time to avoid a famine in Yemen. That is why the EU is stepping up its life-saving humanitarian assistance to the Yemeni people” said Christos Stylianides, Commissioner for Humanitarian Aida and Crisis Management. “Some 8 million vulnerable people will benefit from our additional funding, that will be directed at covering – among others – nutritional, health, sanitation and protection needs. However, the only way to stop this ongoing humanitarian tragedy is through a political solution that puts an end to the violence” added Stylianides.


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