Breaking News: Netcoins Lists Steem Token

Netcoins Holdings Inc. (OTC: GARLF) (CSE: NETC) is pleased to announce that it has listed Steem, available for purchase effective immediately, via our OTC Private Brokerage Services business and our 21000+ retail locations in Australia, Europe and Canada. Steem is the 13th in a series of altcoins and tokens to be listed by Netcoins.

Steem is an application-specific blockchain tailored for fast, functional social and content-based decentralized applications. Because of its zero fees and near instant transaction confirmation times, a growing number of third party developers leverage the Steem blockchain for distributed content management and autonomous token distribution.

STEEM is the cryptocurrency that powers the Steem blockchain protocol. STEEM is distributed to content creators across dozens of applications via what is called “stake weighted” voting, which rewards content creators who receive the most likes or upvotes.

Learn more about Steem here:

“Steem’s most valuable resource is our community, and it was incredible to see the community come together to vote for STEEM in the Netcoins listing contest,” said Ned Scott, CEO of Steemit Inc. “We are grateful to all who voted for us and very excited to now see STEEM listed on Netcoins.”

“First, I’d like to congratulate Steem and their community for winning our coin listing contest. It was an extremely tight race, and the Steem community did an incredible job coming together to secure the top spot,” said Netcoins CEO Mark Binns. “Netcoins is very excited to help bring STEEM to a wider audience, and to further help its existing community access the token through our retail network and OTC desk.”

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  1. Glenn Jones 4 years ago

    how do they make any money if there are zero fees?

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